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Triton Online Mega Carnival 2020

Triton Online Mega Carnival 2020 (for Grade XII: old & new)

Registration link: Click here to register

Registration date: 8th Ashoj – 12th Ashoj, 2077

Facebook live/Competition Day: 17thth Ashoj, 2077 (Saturday,11:00 AM)

Cash prize and certificates: up to 50,000

Participant can participate in multiple competitions

For details, go through the terms and conditions explained below or consult at 9801147220.

  • Theme: Nepal’s culture, value and tradition, Heritage and monuments
  • Format: live story telling describing the painted art
  • Presentation time: 3 min.
  • Content: original
  • Presentation medium: water colour, poster colour, acrylic colour, pencil colour, pencil, charcoal
  • Number of presentation: 1 (one)
  • Theme: Acid Attack, environment, women empowerment, Friendship, College Journey.
  • It should be presented live at Zoom and should be no more than 3 minutes.
  • Medium: English/Nepali
  • Type: free
vlog • Theme: Journey at Triton, Digital Celebration for safety (COVID 19), tourism
• Video length: max. 5 min
• Landscape/Horizontal video
  • Theme: Impact of Covid-19 in Educational Sector
  • Format: live presentation at Zoom
  • Time: 10 min Max.


Answer the following questions according to your own understanding and experience.

  1. In your opinion what would be the impact of COVID-19 in educational, economic and social sector of Nepal?
  2. How would you recommend our government to mitigate those negative impacts explained in above question?
  3. Please suggest Triton International College with different options how they can help your teaching – learning practice.


Evaluation Criteria


Background of study, Sequence, Clarity 


Time Management, Body language


Communication Skills, Confidence Level, Quality of visuals


Special Features (Creativity) in


  • Theme: culture, nature, environment and humanity
  • Number of photography: 1 (one)
  • Medium: live presentation of a story behind the creation of the photograph (max. of 3 min)
  • Theme: Participants can do in any topic except religious or political interest. 
  1. Presentation on Better Tomorrow: Problem and Solution
  • Theme: waste dumping, green environment, and unmanaged traffic
  • Format: Live presentation at Zoom
  • Time: 5min (Max)

Terms and Conditions:

  • Only students of Triton Grade XII (present and waiting for final examination can participate)
  • Vlog should be no more than 5 minutes.
  • Video should be recorded in horizontal format for all competition.
  • Students should register the competition they want to compete and can register their names in multiple competitions.
  • Once registration is completed you will be eligible for competition and can start preparing for your work.
  • No religious, political view or opinions will be entertained and shall be disqualified from the competitions.
  • Winners will be provided cash prize and certificates once the college gets back to normal conditions.
  • We encourage your own creativity and duplication or copying of some other creative shall be punishable.
  • Photography cum story writing means you have to mention the story behind that photograph you have taken or what does that photograph mean to you.