Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS)


Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) is a four year program conducted by the Faculty of Management of Tribhuvan University (TU). The objective of the BBS program at Triton is to develop students into competent junior level managers for any sector of organized activities. The program is based on the principle that graduates will spend a major portion of their life in a constantly changing environment. Therefore the student should have an opportunity to obtain a broad knowledge of the concepts and reality-based skills underlying the operation and management of organizations.

Upon graduation, a student should be equipped to function as a manager in business, industry and government. The graduate should also have a variety of career opportunities in different sectors of business including entrepreneurship and create much needed jobs for others.

Course Structure

First Year

  • MGT 201 : Business English
  • MGT 203 : Business Economics
  • MGT 202 : Business Statistics
  • MGT 213 : Principle of Management
  • MGT 211 : Accounting for Financial Analysis

Second Year

  • MGT 205 : Business Communication
  • MGT 206 : Macro Economics
  • MGT 212 : Cost & Management Accountacy
  • MGT 214 : Fundamentals of Marketing
  • MGT 216 : Foundation of HR Management

Third Year

  • MGT 217 : Business Environment & Strategy
  • MGT 215 : Fundamentals of Finance Management
  • MGT 218 : Taxation & Auditing
  • MGT 204 : Business Law
  • MGT 219 : Organizational Behavior

Fourth Year

  • MGT 220 : Entrepreneur & Enterprises Development
  • MGT 221 : Business Research Methods
  • MGT 401 : Final Project
  • Concentration I
  • Concentration II

Admission Process

Eligible candidates can obtain application forms from college's administration.



After completing (BBS) Bachelor level, the candidates will be qualified for the following prospects:

  • Job: Marketing, Auditor, Human Resource, Stock Broker
  • Education : MBS, MBA, MBA in Global Leadership and Management, MFC, MBA in IT Program, MBM


  • The applicant should have secured minimum D+ grade in all the subjects of Grade 11 and 12 or equivalent.
  • Must have successfully completed the PCL or 10+2 in business/commerce or an equivalent course from a Higher Secondary School Board, or from Tribhuvan University, or from any other University/Board recognized by TU.

Scholarship Criteria

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